Enable Your VLC Media Player To Dowload Subtitles Automatically Using VLSub v 0.9.3

VLC media Player from videoLan .org is the best and outstanding media player for windows ,Mac and Linux .It can play pretty much any media file VlC is low in size and gives high end performance as compared to any other Media Player out there like Km Player although they are not bad either but Vlc is the best in the herd .Now there are some problems in every Media Player but in Vlc there is only one minor fault ,that is Vlc has no outbound link to any database that provides the subtitles of the given file or Media .Although you can attach srt to any media fie at anytime while the video is playing, to show the subtitles present in the .srt file .

vlc - Enable Your VLC Media Player To Dowload Subtitles Automatically Using VLSub v 0.9.3

Enable Automatic Download Of Subtitles In Vlc Media Player

Using VLSub

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VLSub is an extension that enable automatic download of subtitle in VLC media player .It categorises the list of subtitles according to the file or movie name and you can choose from a list of subtitles for your media .

Installation of VLSub- “How To Enable Automatic Download of Subtitles in VLC

Media Player”

Follow the steps below to download and configure VLSub to download and attach the srt file into the streaming video for Windows ,Linux and Mac .

Check for the version of VLC media player pre-installed on your device .This is just in case ,because VLSub doesn’t work in vlc versions higher then 2.1.x .So either download the stable Vlc version 2.0.8 for your device .Go to this link to download the Vlc media player stable version according to your device.I will be downloading the 64 bit version for my windows PC .

Screenshot - 11_17_2014 , 11_19_31 AM

Step 2 – Download the VLSub 0.9.13 from its github page .

Extract the VLSub file .You will find a VLSub.lua .Now copy this file and paste it in the diectores as shown below according to your operating system.

Windows Pc C://program files/videolan/vlc/lua/extensions/(Paste the file here!!)
Linux cp  vlsub.lua /usr/lib/vlc/lua/extensions/(Paste the file here!!)
Mac OS /Applications/VLC.app/Contents/MacOS/share/lua/extensions/(Paste the file here!!)

In windows section c is the drive in which the OS is installed .

Step 3 . Open the Player and Play any video that  doesn’t cache subtitles from the hard drive .Now under the View tab ,the last option is of VlSub which is just installed on your PC .

vlsub -Enable Your VLC Media Player To Dowload Subtitles Automatically Using VLSub v 0.9.3

Step 4 .In the Vlsub window you can select the subtitles for your media from the list of subtitles available at opensubtitles.org .Click on search by name to get all the related subtitles to the currently playing media file .If you prefer the search by hash method ,in most cases it will download the best subtitle but if you have converted the original video into some custom  format this might not work so well .This version of VlSub will enable you to download the subtitles automatically in Vlc media player .

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Step 5 .once you find the matching subtitle for your media file .Then Click on Download Selection t download those subs .It will ask you the physical location to save the subs .The default location will be the currently playing video path .Once you get the subtitle you can just drag and  drop them to the vlc to get the subtitle on screen .

That’s it for now!! If this method”How To Enable Your VLC Media Player To Download Subtitles Automatically” remains unclear anyhow .Then watch the video related to the topic.Just try it out and comment if it works for you .

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