Create Fake Chats And Edit Chats On WhatsApp

Create Fake Chats And Edit Chats On WhatsApp:WhatsApp is the most globally popular messaging app with more than 600 million users.It is also the most downloaded and popular app Whether it is Android,BlackBerry,Iphone or Nokia smartphones.This app has served many mobile users to send text,pictures,videos.Almost everyone uses Whatsapp but I am pretty sure about that many of you wouldn’t know that you can Create Fake Chats And Edit Chats On WhatsApp.If you also want to Create Fake Chats And Edit Chats On WhatsApp to play a prank with your friends then read this article carefully.

In this article I will tell about the ways by which you can Create Fake Chats And Edit Chats On WhatsApp

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Create Fake Chats And Edit Chats On WhatsApp:Requirement

  • A rooted android device.
  • App to freeze application(Link2SD)
  • A root explorer app.ES File Explorer Recommended
  • SQLite Editor

Create Fake Chats And Edit Chats On WhatsApp:Tutorial

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  • Download and Install WhatsApp.
  • Now open it and search for the contact whose message you want to edit or create fake chat

You need two contact numbers.One of whose you want to create/edit chat on WhatsApp and other with whom you have a real WhatsApp conversation.

  • Using Link2SD disable/freeze WhatsApp from the system.

Create Fake Chat,Edit Chats On WhatsApp

If you do not do so SQLite Editor will give an error “database locked”.

  • Now go to /data/data/com.whatsapp(use ES File Explorer) and select databases.

Create Fake Chat,Edit Chats On WhatsApp

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  • You will be presented with a list of file having .db extension.Open msgstore.db using SQLite Editor and select messages.

Create Fake Chat,Edit Chats On WhatsApp


If you want to edit chat on WhatsApp then skip the following 3 steps and then continue.

  •  In SQLite Editor search for the contact number with you have real conversation and a list of conversation will appear with that contact.


Create Fake Chat,Edit Chats On Whatsapp

  • Select a record from this list and click on edit(pencil).
  • Search key_remote_jid with format and change it’s value with the number used for creating a fake conversation.Repeat the same for several record.

Create Fake Chat,Edit Chats On WhatsappNow the messages sent and received with real conversation will also become sent and received messages respectively for fake conversation.

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  • Search the contact number using SQLite Editor.
  • Now select the record of whose WhatsApp message you want to edit.
  • Click on the Edit icon and look for Data field.This contains the message and you can change it to whatever you want.
  • Defrost the frozen WhatsApp using Link2SD.

This is it!You have successfully Create Fake Chats and also Edit Chats On WhatsApp

Thanks for reading the article on Create Fake Chats And Edit Chats On WhatsApp.Using the above procedure you can easily create fake chats or edit chats on WhatsApp to play a prank with your friends..If you have any question regarding this topic then contact us by commenting below.

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