How to Disable Built-In Webcam on Laptop

How to Disable Built-In Webcam on Laptop:Almost every Laptop comes with a built-in Camera nowadays.These webcam are rather useful in this modern technology like,to do Video chats with friends,family or with associates.The video chat feature is a great way to get connected with people living abroad.Have you ever wondered that can your webcam be accessed remotely and you are being watched through your own laptop.Well the answer can be Yes.As the technology has developed hackers have found a way through which they can control your camera and access it whenever they want and this can be done through Remote Access Technology (RAT).Using RAT, hackers can easily turn on your webcam and watch all of your activities.

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Disable Built-In Webcam

In this article I will guide you to Disable Built-In Webcam.It is all for safety purpose if you are among those who never or rarely use webcam to chat so that no one can monitor you.This guide is equally helpful for people having a USB webcam.Read the tutorial carefully.

How to Disable Built-In Webcam on Laptop:Trick

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  1. Put a piece of tape on the lens of your Built-In Webcam.This way you can Disable Built-In Webcam but this is not ideal as the problem with this is that it will leave it’s glue over the area it has covered and decrease video quality.

Disable Built-In Webcam

2. For users having a USB camera can simply unplug the webcam when not in use.

How to Disable Built-In Webcam on Laptop:Windows

Windows users follow the below detailed tutorial to Disable Built-In Webcam.There are two methods to Disable Built-In Webcam and both works on almost all versions of Windows.

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Method 1:Using Device Manager

  • Click on Start button and type Device manger and Open Device Manager.(Go to Control Panel>System>Hardware>Device Manager)
  • Now click on Imaging devices to expand it.
  • Search for your camera (Select Integrated webcam for built-in webcam) and right click on it.

Disable Built-In Webcam


  • In the context menu box select Disable and then Yes.
  • Restart your Windows PC

To enable your webcam follow the same procedure and select Enable at last.

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Method 2:Using a Third Party Software

There are many software available over internet to download which can Disable Built-In Webcam.The one which I an suggesting you is WebCam On-Off.Using this program you can easily turn on/off your Webcam.Another thing is that you can create a hotkey shortcut for quick access, if you wish!

How to Disable Built-In Webcam on Laptop:Mac

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In Mac computers the operating system handles the webcam via iSight.If you disable iSight it will prevent any web-based software from connecting with your webcam.

  • Go to System>Library>Quick Time>Directory and then search Quicktime USB VDC Digitizer Component file.
  • Create a Temporary Backup iSight folder on your hard drive.
  • Now copy the Quicktime USB VDC Digitizer Component to the new back up folder.
  • Move the folder to Trash and erase it (Make sure that you do not delete both files as you will not be able to access your Webcam then).

To make sure open a web-based software program and see if the iSight camera is disabled.

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