How to Disable Blue ticks Feature in Whatsapp

Whatsapp is the most globally popular messaging app with more than 600 million users.Previously WhatsApp has added a feature called Last Seen” which had received both positive and negative reviews by ohter.Some claimed that it is a breach in their privacy as they don’t want to show some people that when was the last time you access WhatsApp which led to make a change and users where then had a option to hide/unhide their last seen.This time Whatsapp has forcefully pushed a new features to it’s all users.which will turn the double ticks to blue colour if the message has been read by the recipient.People are unsatisfied as there is no option to Disable Blue ticks in WhatsApp.It would have been welcomed if there would be an option to Disable Blue ticks in WhatsApp.Previously many people have misinterpreted the double check marks next to messages to indicate that a message has been looked at and the single tick means that the message has been received by recipient as many other similar platforms offer this feature.But in case of WhatsApp single tick means the message has been sent from Your side and the double click means the message has been delivered.There is actually no method to Disable Blue ticks in WhatsApp but there are certainly some tricks by which you can Disable Blue ticks in WhatsApp.Some people find this helpful as it can let them know whether their messages have been read or not, while for many it is a privacy related concern and an Intrusion into their privacy.These tricks are quite handy for those who really think it a matter of privacy  intrusion.

Disable Blue ticks  in WhatsApp:Tricks

1. Downgrade the app

This feature is added in the latest version of WhatsApp but the older version are the same and there is no feature like Blue Ticks in it.You just need to downgrade your WhatsApp if you have updated it and if not then do not update it.However you cannot use a very old version of WhatsApp at this time,but an adjacent previous version will work for sure.

2 Use a WhatsApp widget

There are many WhatsApp widget available in the store which can help you disable Blue ticks in WhatsApp not only this some have the option to hide your last seen and lets you send messages without updating your last seen too.These widgets will show the message in your home screen in the preview mode though it will be the full message.By these widgets you can read and ignore useless messages but remember not to tap on the notificaion.

3 Use your phone’s notification center

Any message that is delivered to your phone come brings a notification in your phones notification center.This can be used to see the delivered message.As said before the message is actually the full message rather than a preview of it and prevent tapping the notification.

4 Turn on Airplane Mode

Yes!turning your phone to Airplane mode can do the trick.You just need to activate the Airplane mode on your phone and now you can open WhatsApp and read the messageThis method worked for some user and  for some not they stated that WhatsApp immediately syncs after deactivating Airplane mode and sends a blue ticks confirmation to the sender

There are rumors that whatsapp will come with a option to Disable Blue ticks in WhatsApp in their next update.However there has been no official announcement to it.So till then you can use any of the above trick Disable Blue ticks in WhatsApp.

I hope this article have helped you to Disable Blue ticks in WhatsApp .If You have any query regarding “How to Disable Blue ticks Feature in Whatsapp” then feel free to contact with us by commenting below .

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