Best Data Recovery Software to Recover Deleted Files

There are chances that sometimes you delete a file which you think is of no importance and after deleting it permanently from your hard drive(including recycle bin),then you suddenly realize that instead of deleting that file you have accidentally deleted another file which was very important to you and now you are all thinking that can I recover Deleted Files.Well,If your are also in the same situation and most probably each one of us has faced this situation that you wish delete a file and accidentally deletes another one.In this article you will get your problem solved.There are certain Data Recovery Software(free and paid) available over internet which can help you Recover Deleted Files and in this article I have listed some best Data Recovery Software which can easily Recover Deleted Files.It may be quite indigestible  for some people to believe that How can a file be recovered when it has been deleted permanently.Before we start our list of Best Data Recovery Software to Recover Deleted Files,Let us first understand that how a Data Recovery software works.

Data Recovery Software to Recover Deleted Files

Through “pointers” Windows keep track of where a file is located on hard drive and when a file is deleted,it is marked as available for any new file to be saved.When a File is deleted from hard drive it is actually not deleted but the space it has taken on harddisk is marked as available,it continues to exist there only till any new data is saved on that place and replaces the old one.This is where Data Recovery Software comes to rescue they can easily access the deleted file till there is no other data saved on it.

TIP: To increase the chances of recovering any file.Minimize the use of your PC as it will reduce the chance of overwriting a new file on it.

Best Data Recovery Software to Recover Deleted Files

Following is a list Best Data Recovery Software to Recover Deleted Files


Recuva tops my list of Best Data Recovery Software to Recover Deleted Files.It is free and easy to use.After installing it when you will launch it it will ask you for the type of file you want to recover and the location where to search for it.When the search is completed the results are displayed with their recovery type status like Excellent,Poor,Unrecoverable.Recuva can recover deleted files from your hard drive and any external drive like pen drive,memory card,CD/DVD and even iPod.

Data Recovery Software,Recover Deleted Files

Enabling the advanced mode will provide you with more options like deep scan(It will slow the search but will give best results)


Data Recovery Software,Recover Deleted Files

Glary undelete is another excellent data recovery is free to use software.It has a very good user interface and the major thing is that it has a “Folders” view and a “State” indication for each file suggesting the status of chances of recovery.Glary Undelete is available for Windows 7,Vista,xp and for Windows 8


This software can recover your deleted files in a super easy way.Just like Recuva it has surface scan option which will let you search more files than in standard search.Using it’s search tool you can filter files by their name,Size and Last modified.

Data Recovery Software,Recover Deleted Files

It has a preview pane for images too which you can use to see the image before recovering to select which one to recover.Beside hard drive it can recover deleted file from any storing device which can be connected to your PC.


This is a very simple software to recover deleted files.It  is very easy to install and also to use it.The best part is that it has no menus,dialog boxes or any other complicated option.The only thing you need to do is to choose a drive and click Scan.

Data Recovery Software,Recover Deleted Files

The instant search function makes it really quick and a simple best data recovery software.After searching for the deleted files it will show the files with their status of recovery like Good, Poor, Very Poor, or Lost. Just right-click to restore a file.


Data Recovery Software,Recover Deleted Files

Puran File Recovery Comes last on my list but it is nowhere less than any other software listed above.It’s just a matter of number it has got.Like above software it is also very easy to use and beside that it also has a lot of advanced features.The best thing to note is that it can even recover lost partition if they haven’t been overwritten yet.

If you know any other good Data Recovery Software to Recover Deleted Files share it with us in the comment box.

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