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Stop iPhoto From Launching Automatically When You Connect a Device:Tutorial

Stop iPhoto From Launching Automatically Stop iPhoto From Launching Automatically:A Mac user would be aware of what iPhoto app is and  what it is used for.This app comes by default in your Mac and will automatically pop-up whenever you will connect a device to your Mac, this app makes transfer of Photos between devices very simple but it’s auto launching […] Continue reading →

How to Record iPhone calls on Mac

Record iPhone calls on Mac,FaceTime How to Record iPhone calls on Mac:Do you make long calls and then forget some of the important part which you discussed over.If you want to avoid that situation than you can record iPhone calls on Mac.This feature is best suited for recording calls when conducting interviews or discussing something important with friends over phone […] Continue reading →

Play Tekken 6 on Android/iOS Devices:Working Tutorial

Play Tekken 6 on Android/iOS Devices Play Tekken 6 on Android/iOS Devices:Who doesn’t like games.I guess everybody does.Games are loved by everyone because they are entertaining,relaxing,stress-busting and moreover you can pass your time very easily.Play Station Portable(PSP) is a device developed by sony which lets you play games on the go.In my last article I have discussed How to Play PSP […] Continue reading →

Recover Deleted Text Messages From iPhone 6 Plus/6/5s/5c/5/4S/4/3GS:Best Method

Recover Deleted Text Messages From iPhone Recover Deleted Text Messages From iPhone:There are many situations and cases in which we delete the chat that turns out out to be significant whether it was deleted knowingly or by mistake .In case we delete the whole thread ,All the messages gets lost at once ,and after some time we find out the important […] Continue reading →

Fix No Camera Available in Mac OS X

Fix No Camera Available in Mac OS X Fix No Camera Available in Mac OS X:Webcam is a great way to connect with our friends,family and associates.Most of the Macs come with an built-in camera to make your video calling experience more convenient.There are many users who face error called No Camera Available while accessing their camera for facetime,skype or any other app that requires […] Continue reading →

How to View Saved Passwords in OS X:Keychain

How to View Saved Passwords in OS X:Keychain- Keychain is a password management system developed by Apple,Which can store your passwords and helps you autofill when required.If you store your passwords via Keychain in OS X and details of websites like social network details,banking,etc.This feature is quite useful but can also make you  forget your actual […] Continue reading →

Top 5 Screencasting Apps for Mac

screencasting,screencast A screencast is a digital recording of computer screen output, also known as a video screen capture.It is like sharing of your virtual desktop via video representation.Screencast and Screenshot are two related terms but differ from each other.Screenshot captures a single image of the screen whereas Screencast is a movie of the changes over time that […] Continue reading →

How to Run iPhone Apps on PC:iPadian

Run iPhone apps on PC Is it possible to Run iPhone apps on PC? and if yes then How to Run iPhone apps on PC? if you are wondering the same,then this article is all about this only.As we know Bluestacks is a very good emulator to run android apps on PC and in our last article we have discussed about “Top 10 Best […] Continue reading →

How To JailBreak iOS 8.1/8 in iPhone 6/iPad using Pangu

The release if iOS 8/8.1 is some pretty news for all those apple users out there .There are many who have already updated there “i” devices or about to update or probably waiting for the jailbreak.Well here’s a wonderful news for  You .Finally the jailbreak is available for the latest iOS 8/8.1 devices .As you already […] Continue reading →

How To Get Google Inbox Invite/Hack Google Inbox Invite

Hack Google Inbox Invite Google unveiled it’s new Gmail Client a week ago which is very well welcomed by it’s users.The app is available in the store by name “Inbox By  Gmail”.The presence of you to this article make clear that you are aware of Inbox By Gmail and are probably searching for Google Inbox Invite.First before let me […] Continue reading →