How to Boost Your WiFi Speed and Signal Strength

How to Boost Your WiFi Speed and Signal Strength:The use of WiFi has increase tremendously.WiFi is also known as wireless local area network(WLAN).With the help of WiFi many devices can be connected to internet it at the same time..The signal of WiFi can cover a limited area and if you move further from this area the signal strength of WiFi will decrease and you will be disconnected from it.Normally a WiFi should be able to cover all of your home area so that you can use it from anywhere.But if somehow if you are not getting a proper signal strength and the WiFi signal gets on dropping,there are various factors which could restrict WiFi signals.In this article we will be discussing about How to Boost Your WiFi Speed and Signal Strength.

Boost Your WiFi Speed and Signal Strength:-

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Following is a list of factors which affects the WiFi signal area.You can read and help Boost Your WiFi Speed and Signal Strength:-

Placement of router

This the most common error people do and the router is placed at wrong places.One thing which is to be kept in mind while placing a router is that it should face least interference which could be walls,furniture,etc.Below is a layout given by which you can get an idea on how to find the best place for your router.

How to Boost Your WiFi Speed and Signal Strength,Boost Your WiFi Speed and Signal Strength

The red dot is represented as router.In the first image the router is placed in room A and it will get the best signal strength but for room C there are many obstacles and hence the signal strength in room C will be poor.In second image the place of router is changed and from here the signals can travel to each room easily.

Remove Other Wireless Devices

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The WiFi signals travel at 2.4GHz and other household wireless equipments like Cordless phones,microwaves,even your wireless mouse also  run at a frequency of 2.4GHz and can interfere with WiFi signals.These devices are those which you can’t rid of but make sure that there is minimum interference between these devices.

Some routers have an option of changing the frequency to 5GHz if you can do so it will certainly help Boost Your WiFi Speed and Signal Strength.

Omnidirectional vs. Unidirectional Antennas

Normally the default antenna in routers are omni-directional and transmit the signal in all directions equally.These type of antennas work well if you have placed your router at the center of your house.In case you have the router placed placed at any corner of your house than half of the  signals are wasted by your Router,in such cases go for unidirectional/directional antennas which transfer signals in a particular direction.Set the Unidirectional antennas to the direction you want good signal strength.

How to Boost Your WiFi Speed and Signal Strength,Boost Your WiFi Speed and Signal Strength

Boost WiFi Range with DIY Tricks

If you can’t find any Unidirectional antennas than use this DIY tricks to transfer all the WiFi signals in a particular direction.You can use a aluminium can or the aluminium foil will also work.Place it behind the antenna this will reflect all the radiation coming towards it in the opposite direction.

How to Boost Your WiFi Speed and Signal Strength,Boost Your WiFi Speed and Signal Strength

There are many tutorials available on YouTube on how to make a signal reflector.

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Use Repeaters To Increase WiFi Range

You can use repeaters to Boost Your WiFi Speed and Signal Strength.Keep the repeater at the point where the original wave frequency is a little strong,it will pick the signals and rebroadcast it.You can buy a repeater or can convert your old router to work as a router.Read More on How to Turn your Old Router into Repeater.

Tip:-  You can install the DD-WRT firmware to Boost Your WiFi Speed and Signal Strength.Apart from boosting your transmitting power it also gives you features like great security and other enhancement too.This can be dangerous for your router but many routers can handle it easily without any issues.Read more Turn Your Router into a Super-Router using DD-WRT

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