How to Block Candy Crush Request and other App Requests

Candy Crush Saga is a very popular game on Facebook but if you don’t play this game and you have a friend that plays Candy Crush or any other sort of game on Facebook then you might be irritated by continuously receiving requests to join the game.The situation may get worse if you have more than one friend like this then you will be thinking block these all because of receiving Candy Crush request in bulk.Hopefully we have a solution for this,you can Block Candy Crush Request or any sort of notification from games similar to this.Yes you heard it right.This article is all about How to Block Candy Crush Request and we will be teaching you different methods to Block Candy Crush Request without blocking your friend.But before you get mad at your friend there are chances that they may also not even know that the app is sending requests on their behalf.Hence the peaceful solution of this problem is to Block Candy Crush Request which are directed to you.

How to Block Candy Crush Request

Many of you may get invites from  Candy Crush even if you have not even registered for this app.Follow the steps given below which will help you to make some setting changes in your Facebook account and end this frustrating experience.

1. Whenever you get a notification from Candy Crush.Hover your mouse to the notification and click on the X sign (look at the right side)

Block Candy Crush Request

2. This will remove the notification from your notification tab.

3. Now you will be presented with to option(see image)

Block Candy Crush Request

4. Click on Turn Off to Block Candy Crush Request.

This method will work for other apps and games too.

How to Block Candy Crush Request:Complete Blocking

If you are that much frustrated with a particular game or app and want to completely Block Candy Crush Request as well as every activity of it then follow these steps

1. Sign-in to your Facebook account

2. Click on the Downward arrow(see image below).

Block Candy Crush Request

3. Click on Settings and then select “Blocking “

Block Candy Crush Request

4. Now you will see many options to block users,app invites,event invites,etc

Block Candy Crush Request

5. Move to Block apps option and type Candy Crush Saga.It will auto suggest with a list of names click on the app you want to block.

That’s it,you have now not only Block Candy Crush Request but moreover blocked the entire app.This process can also be undone by following the above steps and then click on Unblock at the last step.

These were the methods to Block Candy Crush Request from your friends but if you are the culprit and don’t want send invite to your friends to avoid irritating them then we have very simple trick for that too.

1. Go to Settings and click on apps 

2. Now select Candy Crush Saga and change it’s visibility to “Only Me” 

Block Candy Crush Request

This will not stop the app from posting but no one will be able to see them except you.You can use these methods for any other game or apps too.Enjoy

I hope you would have liked this Article on “How to Block Candy Crush Request and other App Requests”.Pls share your reviews about this by commenting below.Thank You 🙂



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