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Ashish Chauhan is the admin and creative head of TechChrist.com.He’s a tech giant and currently pursuing his B.Tech from M.D.U university.He has substantial knowledge in Programming .In his free time he loves to watch movies and play Pc games.
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How to Unblock Facebook at School/Office Tutorial

Have you ever tried opening Facebook in school/office.If yes then most probably it would have not been connected.This is because most school,college and offices  block Facebook by network administrator hoping to increase the productivity of their employees or students.you might have also tried to Unblock Facebook at School/Office with no success.This is very irritating as […] Continue reading →

How To Restrict Access To Control Panel and PC Settings In Windows

If your Computer is being shared by other members of your Family or Friends and You need a feel to Restrict  Access To Control Panel for other users to prevent them messing up with your PC settings,then you are at the right place.You can Enable/Disable  access to Control Panel with a simple tweak.This will ensure that […] Continue reading →

How To Identify Virus and Malware on Your Computer

Is your Computer free from Virus?What would your answer if the same question is asked to you?The most obvious and expected answer will  be’Yes,I have an antivirus software installed on my computer and I update it regularly’.Before you think that your computer is well protected and free from virus let me tell you one think […] Continue reading →

Release Of Official IRCTC App For Android

IRCTC App For Android Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation Limited (IRCTC) has finally launched  it’s much awaited Official IRCTC App For Android  on October 9.Unlike others,IRCTC first launched it’s app first for Windows Phone and BlackBerry 10 devices including Windows 8 a couple moths ago.This Official IRCTC App For Android is available in Google […] Continue reading →

How To Work Offline In Google Chrome

 It is possible to read web pages in Google Chrome even If you are not connected to the internet i.e. you can Work Offline In Google Chrome (offline browsing ).Browsers like Firefox and IE full support the work offline feature and it is easily accessible in them. Work Offline In Google Chrome. Whenever a page […] Continue reading →

How To Solve Common Errors While Installing Bluestacks

How To Solve Common  Errors While Installing Bluestacks If you want to run android apps on your system, then most probably you may be thinking of using bluestacks.It is the most stable and also most popular app to run android apps on system.But there are certain errors which may arise while installing bluestacks and most […] Continue reading →

How To Disable or Turn Off ‘Seen By’ Message in Facebook Chat

How To Recover Deleted Facebook Chat Facebook is the most popular social networking site till now and has come up with many great features.Back in 2012 Facebook introduced a new feature called “seen by” or “typing”.Through this feature you can know that the message sent by you has been actually read by him or not,if read then at what time.But later it […] Continue reading →

How To Reset Windows 7 Rearm Count Tutorial

Reset Windows 7 Rearm Count As we all know Windows need an activation key to be activated for which it gives you a Initial Grace Period license for 30 days,which can be further extended for another 30 days period by  a  slmgr (Software Licensing Management Tool) command to rearm or reset it.Unfortunately the rearm process has a […] Continue reading →