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Top 5 Screencasting Apps for Mac

screencasting,screencast A screencast is a digital recording of computer screen output, also known as a video screen capture.It is like sharing of your virtual desktop via video representation.Screencast and Screenshot are two related terms but differ from each other.Screenshot captures a single image of the screen whereas Screencast is a movie of the changes over time that […] Continue reading →

What are Registry Errors and How to Fix Registry Errors

Windows Registry,System Restore,Windows Registry Errors,Registry Errors How to Fix Registry Errors:Windows Registry errors can arise in any computer and hence they should be checked regularly.This applies to new computers also even though there are no visible errors,still they need to be checked on a regular basis.The reason behind it is that these errors may not be cause problem but will accumulate […] Continue reading →

How to Take Screenshot in Windows

Screenshot in Windows In this modern Era everything is going online from shopping to consumer feedback and complaints.You can get online suppor for your problems & issues regarding your newly bought items.Recently my friend had some issues regarding the installation of his newly  bought printer.So he mailed the customer support and in order to explain them properly he […] Continue reading →

How to Open BIN Files

Downloaded some stuff from the internet and surprisingly it came to be an image file and now you are wondering How to open BIN File on your computer.In this article we will be discussing all about How to open BIN File but first of all let understand what is a BIN File and advantages of a BIN File. […] Continue reading →

How to Tint the Status Bar on Android

Passionate about your Android Device? Do you like to customize your Android Device to get different look but how would it feel that despite of so many customization your status bar on  default in Android 4.2+ is always black.No matter what app you run on your Android Device the status is always the same color and this […] Continue reading →

Google Goggles:A complete tutorial

Google Goggles,Goggles Google Goggles is an image recognition application created by Google for Android based devices and is also introduced in the Google mobile apps for iPhone.With the help of this software you can search by taking picture using your mobile device of a painting,a famous landmark,a bar code or QR code,a product or a popular image.The […] Continue reading →

Best Methods to Hack WiFi Using Android

hack WiFi using Android,hack WiFi The use of WiFi has increase tremendously as all android phones are now WiFi enabled.WiFi is also known as wireless local area network (WLAN).With the help of WiFi many devices can be connected to internet.It is a less secure connection than wired because it doesn’t need a physical connection.Because of this fact there may be people […] Continue reading →

How to Run iPhone Apps on PC:iPadian

Run iPhone apps on PC Is it possible to Run iPhone apps on PC? and if yes then How to Run iPhone apps on PC? if you are wondering the same,then this article is all about this only.As we know Bluestacks is a very good emulator to run android apps on PC and in our last article we have discussed about “Top 10 Best […] Continue reading →

How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp Messages,Photos,Videos

Recover deleted WhatsApp messages Are you searching for the ways to Recover deleted WhatsApp messages?As we all know that WhatsApp is the most globally popular messaging app with more than 600 million users and this app has served many mobile users to send text,pictures,videos.With so many users it is quite normal that most of us may have accidentally deleted WhatsApp […] Continue reading →

Increase RAM in Android phone using Memory Card ?

Increase RAM in Android phone Do you face problem due to lack of space in RAM.This will be not an issue for user with high end devices but if you are a Budget phone user than it might be a phone with less RAM.Firstly let me tell you the disadvantages of less RAM.You won’t be able to play heavy games […] Continue reading →