How to Get Paid Apps for Free on Android:Legally

Get Paid Apps for Free on Android:The market for Android apps is very vast and you can find apps nearly for everything.There are some apps which are free and some are premium.There is no doubt that the paid app will provide more features than the one which is free for the same purpose.You can find ways by which you can Get Paid Apps for Free but the drawback of them is that they are pirated which means any harm can be caused by these files on your device or you end up getting your sensitive data leaked.Here I will tell you ways by which you can Get Paid Apps for Free on Android and legally too. Also Read Alternative to Google Play Store

Amazon App of the Day

Get Paid Apps for Free

Amazon App Store is a place where you can find many android apps and a great advantageof using it is that you will be able to download one paid app for on daily basis.In this app store you will find selected but high quality apps as everything has passed Amazon’s quality control standards.Amazon app store is available in more than 200 countries.It is also a best alternative to Google Play Store.It is for sure that one paid app will be available for free but sometimes they also give more than one paid.If you do not visit Amazon app store daily then install Free App notifier for Amazon which will notify you about the free paid app on daily basis.


Want to be greeted with a new paid app to download for free,then AppGratis is the perfect place for it.It will help you Get Paid Apps for Free.It is a free to download app which you can get from Google Play Store or using the link provided here.

Get Paid Apps for Free

The apps provided here are free but in some cases the prices are reduced by 90%.Also note that these apps won’t receive any updates after download.

App of the Day

This is again a free app from where you can Get Paid Apps for Free just the way Amazon and AppGratis works i.e offering a paid app for free/discounted for  a limited period of time.It has many different version based on location hence download the one which is compatible with you location.

Get Paid Apps for Free

The team of App of the Day look for popular paid app on Google Play Store and then negotiates with the developer to provide it for free/discounted for a day.


Get Paid Apps for Free

GetJar app store offers cross platform support i.e. it has iOS,Blackberry,Windows app including Android apps.Through GetJar gold system and GetJar reward app,you can discover apps tailored for your requirement and can earn rewards that will give premium apps for free once you have collected enough points.

TIP:- If are have no issues spending a few bucks for your favorite app.You can use Google’s return policy for apps which gives you a time of 2 hour to test it before you stuck with the purchase.

There are many other ways through which you can Get Paid Apps for Free like Google Opinion Rewards which rewards with credit in exchange of completing surveys but they are available only for selected countries and if yours is among them,then enjoy answering surveys and Get Paid Apps for Free.


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