Tired of Google Play?Check Out these Alternative to Google Play Store

Tired of Google Play?Check Out these Alternative to Google Play Store:There is no doubt that Google Play store can be considered as a default location for any Android device for downloading Apps.The reason behind this is the vast no. of apps available (Free and Premium).Google Play store has millions of Apps to download.There are actually a lot of Alternative to Google Play Store.It was considered that whenever a developer or Publisher will submit their android app,it will be Google Play Store but with time they learned that it is better to distribute apps on different platforms strategically rather than sticking to one and this gave rise to Alternative to Google Play Store.Here is a list of some app stores which can be used as an Alternative to Google Play Store.There are many reasons for people to look for an Alternative to Google Play Store for eg. Some are tired of Google Play store and want’s an alternative,Some are those who wish to but are bounded to use other app stores.Before we start let’s have a look for some of the possible reasons.

Alternative to Google Play Store:Reasons

  1. Free Apps like Promotion:To attract more people these app store provide promotions like discounted app or free app a day like feature.
  2. App Recommendations:There are certain app that may not pop-up in Google play store top charts but can be discovered here easily.
  3. Curated List:With  less app you can get have a smaller selection of app that can be filtered accordingly to you.
  4. There are Countries which ban Google and therefore people living their are deprived of Google play store.
  5. Some countries limit the use of Google play store to free apps and games.
  6. Android devices like Kindle tablets don’t have preinstalled Google play store
  7. Another reason can be that people are tired and wants an Alternative to Google Play Store.

NOTE-It is recommended sticking to Google Play Store because the big risk of using third party software is Malware and other includes risk like Privacy breach,poor user experience,Pirted version,etc.If you wish to use Alternative to Google Play Store then make sure to install a good security app.

To install third party software on your device you need to do some settings on it.

Go to Settings>Security and then tick Unknown sources.

Best Alternative to Google Play Store

Amazon App Store

Alternative to Google Play Store,Amazon App Store,GetJar,Google Play Store

The first to come on the list is Amazon App store.It can considered as the real contender and best  Alternative to Google Play Store.In this app store you will find selected but high quality apps as everything has passed Amazon’s quality control standards.Amazon app store is available in more than 200 countries.Some advantages of using Amazon app store is that it gives one paid app as a free download per day,you can use test drive feature to try the app in your browser before you buy.Amazon app store comes preinstalled in Amazon kindle devices.


Alternative to Google Play Store,Amazon App Store,GetJar,Google Play Store

F-Droid app store offers apps which are free and the focus of F-Droid app store is free and open source software(FOSS) android apps.F-Droid is funded by donations, and the apps themselves don’t have reviews or ratings.The apps are categorized and list is searchable.The apps available here are free and will provide no tracking,no ads.


Alternative to Google Play Store,Amazon App Store,GetJar,Google Play Store

GetJar app store offers cross platform support i.e. it has iOS,Blackberry,Windows app including Android apps.The apps are filtered into categories subcategories within and are mostly similar to Google play store.GetJar app store is an Alternative to Google Play Store as it offers a huge array of free apps to download.

Through GetJar gold system and GetJar reward app,you can discover apps tailored for your requirement and can earn rewards that will give premium apps for free.

Samsung Galaxy Apps

Alternative to Google Play Store,Amazon App Store,GetJar,Google Play Store

Samsung is the global smartphone leader in the market and like many other manufacturers like Sony who try to entice there users within themselves,Samsung also released it’s own App store.Samsung has a strict verification process which assures the users for safe download and no malware.There is a website on which you can sign into and it will enable you to browse apps which will be send directly to your device.

Slide Me

Alternative to Google Play Store,Amazon App Store,GetJar,Google Play Store

This site offers free and paid Android apps,this app store has a global reach hence you will find app rated by a large community of users.There are filters like newest, updated, ratings and categories like education, lifestyle, languages etc.These apps pass through a quality control process.There are different payment options available and the app are available in multiple languages.This app store target


Alternative to Google Play Store,Amazon App Store,GetJar,Google Play Store

The Mobogenie market has a nice and modern interface with a large library of apps.It has a good intelligent recommendation engine which can analyse your preferences and make suitable suggestions.The Mobogenie is globally available and no need of registration.Beside apps mobogenie offers other downloadable content like wallpapers,ringtones,books and YouTube videos.


Alternative to Google Play Store,Amazon App Store,GetJar,Google Play Store

AppsLip is a bit different from the other stated app store as this app market is for Android devices that couldn’t get Google certification,mainly tablets.There are almost thousands of apps.The apps are categorized and one categories is for adult,which is PIN protected.The AppsLib can be downloaded fr0om their website and then onto your tablet.

This was a list of  some possible Alternative to Google Play Store.The list doesn’t end here there are many other play store from where you can download android apps for your device.But before you download any software from unknown sources make sure that it doesn’t not serve you with malware.Thanks for reading the article on Alternative to Google Play Store.Do give a try for the above listed app store and share it with your friends and family.

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