How to Access Blocked Websites on a Android Device

How to Access Blocked Websites on a Android Device:The use of internet on mobile has increased with the increase of smartphone users.With the 3G and 4G technology surfing has become very fast.Web censorship has become a big issue for internet users today.Many sites are blocked by government or by ISP’s.There are many tutorials available on the net by which you can surf blocked websites on computers but when it comes to android devices the response is not much.Blocking a site can not be solution,as today you can get pirated content for free very easily and blocking a site deprives other persons also who do not intend any misuse of the stuff.From last a couple of years many file sharing sites were blocked.You can access blocked websites on Computer by using proxies and VPN’s which provide their service for free and some charge for it.Proxies and VPN’s can easily hide your identity and your presence will be anonymous.When a site is blocked,It cannot be access without the use of VPN or Proxy.In this article we will be discussing about How to Access Blocked Websites on a Android Device.Accessing a blocked website on Android is much easier than on your Computer with the use of some apps.A couple of apps are discussed below by which you can Access Blocked Websites on a Android Device

Access Blocked Websites on a Android Device Using Hola Free VPN

Hola is an open VPN which gives you access to restricted content.It provides AD free unlimited VPN and is available for your desktop,Browser and Android. Hola Free VPN can help you easily access geo-restricted content or that blocked by governments, companies or ISPs.It can accelerate your internet as it uses p2p network.Hola Free VPN can be downloaded for free and works on Unrooted devices too.Hence rooting your android device is not necessary.

Follow the steps below to Access Blocked Websites on a Android Device:-

1. Download and Install Hola Free VPN from Google play here

2. Tap on the App icon and go to My Apps

3. Select any Web browser from the list.I will be using Chrome for this tutorial.


4. On the next screen tap on Using from and a list of countries name will be presented in front of you.


5. Select a VPN from another country and within seconds the default VPN will be changed.


6. Tap on the open button  and you will be able to Access Blocked Websites on a Android Device with ease.


If you are not able to access a particular website,this may be due to the country based restriction.In that case try using another VPN.

 Access Blocked Websites on a Android Device Using Orbot

Orbot is a TOR network client for Android.Using TOR you can send and receive data anonymously.Tor Encrypt the Internet traffic and then hides it by bouncing through a series of computers around the world.Using this app you can get your personal freedom and privacy back in the world where data mining, snooping, firewalling, and network hijacking has increased.As it makes you anonymous hence using this you can easily Access Blocked Websites on a Android Device with ease.This is a free and an open network which can be downloaded from Google play store.

Follow the steps below to Access Blocked Websites on a Android Device using Orbot:-

1. Download and Install Orbot from Google play here

2. Tap on the App icon to open it

3. When the app opens it will direct you to setup wizard.


4. In the first step it will ask you to switch your language or leave it as default.Make your choice and tap NEXT



5. Now a message is displayed stating that you need to properly configure Orbot to anonymize your mobile traffic.Tap NEXT


6. For advanced features you can grant Orbot ‘Superuser’ access.or To do that, touch the button “Request Superuser Access”, and the root access management app which was  installed during the rooting of your device – probably “Superuser” or “SuperSu” – will open and give you the option to provide the requested access rights to Orbot.


Unrooted device user continue without superuser access

7. In the next screen,Orbot will recommend some apps to install.

8. You may ignore the apps and click next then Finish

Now you have successfully installed Orbot

NOTE:-This app can run on rooted/unrooted devices but it is recommended to use it on Rooted devices for better user experience.

Thanks for reading the article on How to Access Blocked Websites on a Android Device.If you face you any problem regarding this topic feel free to contact us by commenting below.Please share it with your friends and family.

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