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Welcome to the About Us page of TechChrist .Below is the brief info regarding the website .

TechChrist is a blogging resource website .The website is designed by two Tech Fanatic’s currently pursuing their engineering in the Final Year.

The main aim or goal of the website is to provide clear and factual data on the field of technology .The  website offers unique and crisp content .

The primary focus of TechChrist is on visitors . Our intention is to provide only useful and fruitful information to our visitors .We tend to grow

this beyond all leaps and beyonds .As the name of the site suggests we are God lovers .


Our previous projects :-


Unlike other blogging websites we offer you to interact with us regarding any tech info .All your ideas and suggestions are always welcome .

Our Team:-

Ashish Chauhan is the admin and creative head of TechChrist.com .A keen blogger who started blogging at an early age of 14 .He’s a tech giant and currently pursuing his B.Tech from M.D.U university.He has substantial knowledge in Programming .In his free time he loves to watch movies and play Pc games .ashish





Shyam Dwivedi is the Owner and admin of Techchrist.com . He is currently pursuing his graduation from U.P.T.U. in Computer Science .He is a tech lover and loves to write new stuff about android .Shyam Dwivedi





Have a Happy Surfing !!!!!!!  🙂

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